BRAIN FARM provides precise stabilized HD aerial footage using both the Cineflex ELITE and Cineflex V14 HD for film, commercial, and television work throughout the entire world.  With thousands of hours of air to air and air to ground experience, we can consult on the best way to achieve a project's goals and set up an efficient and safe aerial shoot.

Brain Farm can coordinate all aspects of an aerial shoot. Our team consists of cinematographers, assistant cameraman, technicians and production coordinators for any of your needs. We also will arrange experienced pilots and proper aircraft, ground crews, technicians, insurance, safety, fuel equipment as well as any permitting or access to locations. Good communication is essential, and the Brain Farm crew comes equipped multiple radio communication options.


We handle the shipping of our Cineflex HD system to wherever the production destination is. Our team will coordinate the intricacies of customs for international shoots. With our custom cases, our Cineflex system can be checked as overweight/excess baggage in most instances. Brain Farm is  also officially licensed with the US Department of State's ITAR clearance for exportation of the Cineflex to over 100 countries worldwide. For full list of countries...


Brain Farm has several helicopter mount options for the Cineflex HD system including:
Airfilm Nose Helicopter Mount for Bell 206 JetRanger and 406 Long Ranger
Airfilm Nose Helicopter Mount for Eurocopter AS350 B2, or B3

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