Art of Flight: The Series

Get front row action to the world’s most popular snowboard film with The Art Of Flight: The Series, now on Netflix. Each episode takes the viewer on location and behind the scenes of the most intense snowboard film in history.  Travis Rice stars with some of the best Pro Snowboarders in the world such as, Jeremy Jones, Scotty Lago, Mark Landvik and Director, Curt Morgan; all determined to show snowboarding how it has never been shown before. This series will be a favorite for many; the Art Of Flight fan that can’t get enough to the tech junkie who admires the production house, Brain Farm’s cinematic perfection. Art Of Flight : The Series highlights the logistics used in the making of a dream film.


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4 Responses to “Art of Flight: The Series”
  • Chris Cooke says:

    Been watching these… enjoying the content even more than the movie… if that’s possible. Only downside is that Netflix is not Blu-ray (yes, I know what you’re thinking… thank-you captain obvious). Great job Brainfarm as always.

  • Ciprian says:

    Hey guys,

    Great movie, I enjoy it with my friends everytime we go on a snowboard trip.
    I’d love to see the Series but netflix is not available in my country which is Romania. What can I do ?


  • Daniel S says:


    Loved the film Art of Flight and wanted to see The Series on Netflix, got an account just for that. Just to realize that your show isn’t available in my country Please tell your friends at Netflix to air it in Sweden too!



  • jacques says:

    why is it not on netflix anymore

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