Recording Ryan Bingham’s ‘Fear and Saturday Night’

Ryan Bingham is an Americana singer-songwriter and award winning musician with a storied past and bright future. In this behind the scenes video we watch Ryan record his newest album, “Fear and Saturday Night”. The album was written from inside an Airstream trailer tucked away in the hills of California, without the annoyances of modern day technology. You can hear in his lyrics and in this personal interview how the seclusion allowed him to write from his true core. Ryan Bingham says “Each song and each album has been a chapter of my life.” and inspiration for this album is both his difficult past and a hopeful look to the future. The music accompanying this behind the scenes look at “Fear and Saturday Night” is the new tracks “Snow Falls in June”, “Nobody Knows my Trouble” and “Radio”. Video directed by Brian Lazzaro.

 Ryan Singing

Here is the full track list for Ryan Bingham’s “Fear and Saturday Night”:

1. “Nobody Knows My Trouble”

2. “Broken Heart Tattoos”

3. “Top Shelf Drug”

4. “Island in the Sky”

5. “Adventures of You and Me”

6. “Fear and Saturday Night”

7. “My Diamond Is Too Rough”

8. “Radio”

9. “Snow Falls in June”

10. “Darlin”

11. “Hands of Time”

12. “Gun Fightin Man”


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