Brain Farm’s Best of 2015

The following is a selection of Brain Farm’s best work from throughout the past year. The highlights are posted in chronological order, from January to December. It was an epic year and there is a lot in the works for 2016.

Ryan Bingham:

2015 was a great year which we kicked off with a behind the scenes video of Ryan Bringham’s album, “Fear and Saturday Night.” Bingham, an award-winning American Singer/Songwriter, wrote the album while secluded from civilization in an airstream trailer hidden within the hills of California.

See more from BRFM on Ryan Bingham and his album, “Fear and Saturday Night.”

Dew VR Snow:

In 2014 we teamed up with Mountain Dew to make a Skate Virtual Reality experience; in 2015, we decided to take it to the snow. Although these were some of our first Virtual Reality endeavors, we managed to win the bronze metal in the 2015 Clio Sports Awards. Check out the video and go ride the Utah backcountry with Danny Davis, Scotty Lago and Jack Mitrani.

Check out the Behind The Scenes edit for more VR content.

Phantom 4K:

For the first time, it was possible to capture aerial shots in slow motion at 1000 frames per second with a resolution of 4K. The Phantom Flex4K is one of the worlds most dynamic slow motion cameras, however it had always been too heavy to be compatible with drones. Brain Farm and Intuitive Aerial collaborated to create the first UAV capable of carrying the heavy weight of the PhantomFlex4K. The solution came from Intuitive Aerial’s Heavy-Lift Aerigon Drone System. Our crew put the new equipment to the test Wild West style with a Toyota Tundra and tons of mud.

Visit the original BRFM post for more on this story.


By the time May 2015 rolled around, we found ourselves involved with another first. Supported by XDubai, Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy and his protégé, Vince Reffet, were the first pair to perform a twin human formation flight. The two flew over the iconic landmarks of Burj Khalifa, The Palm Jumeirah and the Liwa Desert.

Check out BRFM for the whole story.

We Are Blood:

Brain Farm partnered up with legendary skateboard film maker Ty Evans as well as Mountain Dew Green Label Films and XDubai to make the first skate film shot entirely in 4K. The combination of Evans’ and Brain Farm’s skill sets created a skate film that proved to be the first of its kind. We Are Blood is a modern day skate epic featuring Paul Rodriguez and other top skateboarders as they travel the globe pushing the limits of what’s possible on a board while celebrating the universal bond created by the simple act of skateboarding. The movie was filmed using state-of-the-art cameras and mixed in the latest Dolby Atmos audio technology to create the most progressive skateboarding film experience to date. Produced by Mountain Dew Green Label Films in association with Brain Farm. Directed by Ty Evans.

View the original story on BRFM.

Purchase a DVD/Blu-Ray copy.

You can download digital copies from the We Are Blood site.

Ultra HD 4K digital downloads are available on Vimeo and MGO!

Wild Yellowstone:

It took 260 days of shooting, enduring temperatures as freezing as negative 40°F, and two years of overall work, but our crew certainly got the job done. Wild Yellowstone, amongst over 1,000 other entries, won Best Cinematography and Best Editing at The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival – the premier event of the nature and conservation film genre.

The two 50 minute TV segments - “Frozen Frontier” and “Grizzly Summer” - aired on Nat Geo Wild. Both episodes are available on iTunes.

Visit BRFM News for the original story.


Brain Farm teamed up with Polaris Snowmobiles to create the unprecedented short film, Convergence. Travis Rice and his childhood snowboard coach, professional snowmobiler Dan Adams, go on an epic snowmobile ride in the backcountry of British Columbia. In doing so, not only do they access some insane terrain, but they perform never-been-done stunts as they casually leap over each other.

Check out the Behind the Scenes video to see how it was captured and created.

View From a Blue Moon:

We collaborated with Hurley and Monster Energy to create View From a Blue Moon. The first ever surf film shot entirely in 4K won Movie of the Year at the 2015 SURFER Poll Awards. The movie features 22-year-old Hawaii native, John John Florence, who finished #1 in the 2015 Men’s SURFER Poll. He also won Best Performance and Best Maneuver at the SURFER Poll Awards for the jaw-dropping surfing showcased in View From a Blue Moon.

The movie follows John John, his close friends, and fellow professional surfers around the globe. They surf all sorts of breaks from uncharted waters along the South African Coast to Pipeline in Florence’s backyard.

Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny and narrated by actor, John C. Reilly, this film is a must see!

Get the DVD/Blu-Ray copy.

Digital Downloads can be found at the View From a Blue Moon site.

Ultra HD 4K Downloads are available on Vimeo and MGO!

The Fourth Phase:

The follow up to The Art Of Flight is on it’s way! Red Bull Media House in association with Brain Farm, provided a peek into iconic snowboarder Travis Rice’s highly-anticipated return in “The Fourth Phase.” The film’s teaser marks the first glimpse into the project, which began production in 2013 and has been kept tightly under wraps until now.

Riders include Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson, Pat Moore, Bryan Iguchi, Cam Fitzpatrick, Bode Merrill, Shin Biyajima and Mikkel Bang.

Travis Rice told Red Bull that the athletes have made a pact to only ride aspects they have never descended before:

It has taken everything I have learned over my life to prepare for what the past several years has challenged us with… Immersion into the winter wilderness with a few trusted comrades and a vow to not ride anything we have ever ridden before has made this the most exciting project yet. We have a team of some of the most committed riders, and a production crew that has gone all in. We’re headed back into the field soon, but before we go dark again we wanted to share a taste of what we’ve been working on.

Visit the official website for The Fourth Phase.

Stay tuned to BRFM for more news about The Fourth Phase.

Happy New Year!

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