Young Jaws during a 5 year Storm

Red Bull hired Brain Farm to head to Maui to follow Ian Walsh as he prepped for a historical swell to hit Peahi (JAWS). Our crew was in France wrapping up a Visa Black Card commercial when we got the call that the swell was supposed to be the biggest in 50 years. So, the crew packed up our 20 plus cases of equipment, hustled to airport, jumped thru the customs hoops in France and the US and made it to Hawaii 26 hours later.

Our mission was to capture JAWS, Ian and surfing with the latest in digital cinema camera technology. We had our Cineflex HD on a Hughes MD500 heli and another Cineflex mounted on top of a good ole Maui fishing boat giving us our ultra stabilized footage from air and water. We also had our Phantom HD Gold on the boat for amazing high frame rate shots of little surfers on massive waves. Ian and his crew crushed it for two days on some massive waves. The footage definitely turned out amazing and showcased surfing like it has yet to be seen. Keep an eye out for the footage on an upcoming Red Bull TV show and Brain Farm’s next mega project. Thanks to Ian, Luke, Justin, Lihau, Jeff, DK, Shaun, Sam and the other locals that helped us out.

Action photos by Bo Bridges

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