Kelly Slater Quiksilver Campaign

Brain Farm went to Mexico last fall with the Quiksilver team to capture some ridiculous shots for the new Cypher Board Short TV and web ad campaign. Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, Julian Wilson, and Jeremy Flores were the pros we had the pleasure of working with. For the shoot, we developed the first ever untethered water housing for our Phantom HD Gold that allowed us to get in the water and capture surfing like it has never been seen before.  We also shot with the Varicam 3700 that captured some really nice footage. We did all the post production including for each spot custom sound scores, motion graphics, and sound design in the Brain Farm Studio. The campaign is live with the first spot being the 60 second Kelly Slater. Keep an eye out for more on Surfline, Fuel TV, MTV and around the world…

photos by Chris Bryan

15 Responses to “Kelly Slater Quiksilver Campaign”
  • Nick Keating says:

    Incredible footage, phantom stuff is sick!

  • Scott Morrison says:

    Zeiss compact primes?

  • Thijs Vrij says:

    Beautiful, love the phantom footage, makes are sport look so easy!
    Well done.


  • Stand Up Paddlier says:

    When you think of how long Kelly Slater has been on the water its amazing that he is still riding to such a high standard.

  • Vos says:

    Lovin’ it! so inspiring!
    Gives surffootage a total new dimension

    btw: anybody knows where i can get the andrew sorge composition?

  • prez says:

    who did the music

  • prez says:

    who did the b-round music/beat

  • David Tomasiello says:

    Jack Mcoys footage shot with a Milikan is better than this stuff.
    The phantom camera is an awesome cinematography tool but to say ‘that allowed us to get in the water and capture surfing like it has never been seen before’ is just false.

  • Rick says:

    Just for the record Bali Strickland shot extreme high speed 3 years ago in proper 6 to 8 foot barrels in the Caroline Islands not 2 to 3 foot closing out Barra ( Mexico ). Bali’s footage was the original Surfing extreme high speed footage. You Tube it , That footage Bali shot is truly amazing and showed surfing like it had never been seen before.. Shot on a Hurricane Camera …. Phantoms are a great camera , but not practical for big in the barrel wide angle shots..
    Enjoyed Thats it Thats All, the Cineflex work was outstanding…. Cant re call any Phantom footage in the Film thou? Looked like high speed film hey ?

    • Jackson says:

      Yep you are right. There are definitely some people that have done high speed in surf before but not with the Phantom. And, unfortunately we could not control the swell down there. We put big waves in the budget and it was in the commercial plan but no luck. Hah. Thanks for the comment!

  • Bryan Harvey says:

    As cool as Bali Strickland’s barrel shot is, I must admit I was underwhelmed and surprised by the hype it received. For some reason the super-slowmo in that situation did not come across as so revolutionary in my eyes. The effect was not much different than the more typical slow-motion (60-120fps) barrel shots that we’ve all seen in countless surf movies.

    On the other hand, when I first viewed the Brainfarm/Quik Cypher film and its Phantom footage, I was totally blown away. Surfer’s just hanging in the air, boards flexing upon impact….I don’t know - it just really struck me as revolutionary and something I had never seen before - not the surfing, but the cinematography.

    Just my two cents…

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