Brain Farm Skate and Digital Sputnik’s High Output LEDs

Technology is advancing in the film industry at an incredible pace and we find ourselves constantly testing and refining our gear. We film in harsh conditions and have to be quick on our feet.  Gear that is lightweight, easy to set up, and durable are essential traits for getting the shot when under the gun.

Nothing gets us more excited than new film equipment that raises the industry standard. Within lighting there have been some amazing changes to the game. One of a few manufacturers that we have been using is Digital Sputnik who has recently released a set of LED lights that has allowed us to change our game on our latest Brain Farm Skate project.

In order to get the shot, we often find ourselves filming late into the night. This means generators, lights, ballasts, and stands are coming out of the truck and getting set up. This is not only time consuming, but the gear also weighs a ton. The first thing we noticed about the  Digital Sputnik, DS LEDs, was how small they are. They are half the size and weight of a majority of other light packages. Set up is a breeze and we can power three light heads per ballast, which cuts down on excess gear. One crew member can have a skate spot lit up and ready to shoot in ten minutes.

The DS LED lights draw only 400 watts at full power, but have the output of a 4000 watt light. By consuming less power our generators are running longer, and lasting the entire session without a refuel. The light output is simply amazing. We are able to use our high-speed Phantom 4K camera, shooting 900FPS at night; a set up that is typically achieved only in full sunlight. Digital Sputnik LEDs are flicker free as well. The days of being locked into a certain FPS based on your lights refresh rate are gone.

Stay tuned for reviews and information on other lighting manufacturers that have gotten our attention.

DS LED Features:

  • White balance control from 1500K up to 10000K with option to change tint (+/- green)
  • Full RGB control, with pure primary color rendering
  • Range of softboxes and grids available
  • User changeable lenses and diffusers (30 and 60 degrees)
  • Up to 3 Lightheads per power supply
  • Power draw up to 140 watts per Lighthead, 420 watts per power supply when using all the lights at full power
  • 5m/15ft and 10m/30ft cables available
  • World compatible power 90-260 VAC
  • 0-100% dimming without flicker or color shift
  • Controllable locally, over Wifi, over DMX or over wireless DMX
  • Ambient temperature range 0ºF ~ 115ºF/-20ºC ~ 45ºC
  • Dimensions of Lighthead: 116 x 116mm/4 x 4 in square
  • Weight of Lighthead: 1.3KG/2.8lb
  • 36 Months Worldwide Warranty

Brain Farm Skate & Digital Sputnik Photo Gallery :

Brain Farm Skate crew gets lit  up - @dgphotographs 


Paul Rodriguez skates in the night to the DS LED lights - @hermanjshots


DS LEDs light the way for Oscar Meza down this steep stair set - @jip_01


Lighting prep for a shaded stair session - @tyevans

photo 2

Ty Evans with the Phantom Flex4K and the DS LED lights - @mdpoore





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