Go Skateboarding Day 2014

The Go Skateboarding Day 2014 event  in LA lived up to the hype - It was MADNESS !

PRod, Ty Evans, other pros and the Brain Farm filming crew got worked trying to manage the thousands of skaters that showed up to Hollenbeck Skate Plaza.

The plan was to capture the flock of skaters crossing the 6th St. bridge with aerial cinematography. The timing had to be perfect and at the end of the day  Brain Farm and Ty Evan’s got the shots.

These photos highlight the longest day of the year -

@HermanJShots photo of the Brain Farm prep - all the toys are out and ShotOver in the air:


Ty Evans and the crew prepping all the RED cameras for the day at Radiant Images :

tyevans and crew

4 PM hits and the kids line up for action @BrianHansen‘s photo:


producer, @dgphotographs sends people to mad the starting line:


The kids take off on to the 6th St bridge, @hermanjshots:


Push Push Roll - @gabe_lheureux


Bridge gets light up at sunset @gabe_lheureux


Thousands of skaters catch up to PRod @gabe_lheureux


Ty Evan’s wraps up @jaredslater photo


The end result of a long day of work @TyEvans photo:

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