Brain Farm speaks at HP Global Launch Event

[ Danny Holland, Post Supervisor, Brain Farm ]

Earlier this month, HP held the Global Launch Event to show off updates to the Z Workstation Family in Fort Collins, CO to selected members of the press. I was invited to speak about Brain Farm and and share some details about our experience starting to integrate Z Workstations  into our post production environment to help us work in the world of 4K. HPPostLaunchEventV2image

[Above Danny Holland speaks with the press on the new HP Z Workstations]

Brain Farm has been working with 4K material for a few years now but over the last year we really dove head first into 4K filmmaking. This new world of producing, storing and working with 4K content has created some new challenges for us in post production. Over the last few months I have had the chance to test the HP Z820 workstation and found it a great option based on a variety of factors but more on that in a later post. As part of launch event I was invited to go on a lab tour where HP does all of the testing and certifications of the HP Workstations. The experience of seeing the steps HP takes to keep the quality and compatibility to the highest level was very eye opening. Unlike building a computer made of a variety of parts, HP has a rigorous process all HP workstations take before being ready for world.


The new HP Z840 workstation was designed to push computing boundaries in the most demanding projects. With two next generation intel processors, this workstation is able to support up to 36 processor cores, 2TB of internal memory and up to 10 internal drive bays all in one system. Talk about unmatched performance in computing and rendering abilities.

HPPostLaunchEventV2Zstation “Part of what is enabling our integration of Z Workstations is the relationship that we’re building with HP – it’s not just about adding PC’s into our environment,  it’s about finding a solution that allows us to focus on the creative work we are doing.  The Z Workstations are built to take on the 4K world we now work in. HP’s commitment to advancing the workstation technology befits us long term as we continue to challenge what’s possible in 4K production and post production.”  – Danny Holland

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