Video: Phantom Flex4k Skate

On the forefront of technology and image quality, Brain Farm has been shooting in 4K. This past weekend Brain Farm director Ty Evans was given the opportunity by Vision Research to spend time testing and filming with their new Phantom Flex4K.

Ty Evans - “ I have always been a huge fan of Vision Research and the cameras and technology that they are pushing. The Phantom Flex 2K is my go to camera for high speed shots and one of my favorite cameras to shoot. With the industry  pushing towards 4K, the timing is perfect for Vision Research to introduce the Phantom Flex4K. Shooting at high frame rates always looks amazing, but now to be able to do it at 4K is mind blowing. Being able to see life slowed down with so much detail is ground breaking. I was stoked to have a first go at it and honored Vision Research gave me the opportunity. ”

The Phantom Flex4K can film up to 1000fps and up to 2000 fps in 2K and can record in both uncompressed raw or industry-standard compression. Abel Cine also helped with lending the Optimo DP Rouge 30-80mm lens and camera support. Once publicly available the Phantom Flex4K will have its own built in camera control menu to eliminate a computer on set. Still in prototype mode Ty and the crew adjusted the settings from a tethered laptop. Shooting an LA skateboarding session in 800fps the camera was put to work. The guys were really impressed with the camera’s coloring and skin tones being already dialed. This will be the camera for all major 4K films.  —  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE PHOTO ALBUM FOR THIS LA SKATE SESSION ! 


Photo by Cameron Strand (



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