The Cinema Truck is a fully customized Ford F250 Crew Cab that has been rigged for use with our Cineflex V14 camera system, creating an invaluable tool to capturing moving footage. The camera operator has full control from the Cineflex control deck and a built-in 17" Panasonic LCD monitor in the passenger-side front seat.  The Cinema Truck is amazing for capturing action on the road, on the race track, wildlife from long distances or countless other applications. With the Fujinon HA 42 x 9.7 HDTV lens the Cinema Truck can capture fully stable images from the longest distances even on the bumpiest of roads. Or, use the Fujinon HA 14 x 4.5 wide lens for ultra close follow cams. Our Cinema Truck essentially becomes and "endless dolly" giving a unique, stabilized shot in full HD resolution.


The Cinema Truck comes equipped with 4 mounting options. The Airfilm Uni Mount sits above the truck's cab and provides a nice elevated angle and the ability to shoot 360 degrees from the truck. We also have an Airfilm Hitch mount that can either be placed on the rear hitch or a custom-installed front hitch. This mount provides for amazing follow cams for the paved roads, dirt roads and other drive-able surfaces. In addition we now have a 12ft jib arm that is rigged into the bed of the truck so we can get those low to high shots while on the move. 




Ford F250 Twin Turbo Diesel Crew Cab 4x4
Cineflex V14 Camera System
Panasonic 17" LCD Monitor mounted in Passenger-side Dash
PA Loudspeaker for Communication with Ground Crew
Sony Playstation 3 in center console
Motorola EX 500 Radios
Honda EU2000iA Generator - 2000 watt, 120V
Airfilm UniMount on top of Truck Cab
Airfilm Rear Hitch Mount
Airfilm Front Hitch Mount

12ft Intela-Jib Arm

Email us for details on using the Cinema Truck on your next project.

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