First Ever Phantom Flex4k Drone Footage

What happens when you combine the ultra high definition ultra slow motion image of a Phantom Flex4k with the Aerial perspective of a specialty Heavy-Lift Aerigon Drone System? You change the game.

Brain Farm unveils the latest weapon in their already impressive arsenal of cinematic technology. Capable of shooting  at 1000 frames per second at a resolution of 4K, The Phantom Flex4K is one of the worlds most dynamic slow motion cameras. Until now the images captured by the Phantom Flex 4K have been limited by the camera’s weight. Simply put: It’s too heavy for most drones to carry. For 5 years, Brain Farm’s CEO, Curt Morgan, dreamt of ways he could capture the same super slow motion images from the sky. The solution came when Brain Farm and Swedish drone manufacturers Intuitive Aerial joined forces to create the first UAV capable of carrying the heavy weight of the PhantomFlex4k.

Watch as the team creates the first ever Phantom Flex4K drone footage using Intuitive Aerial’s Heavy-Lift Aerigon Drone System. Simply getting this rig airborne wasn’t enough, the Brain Farm crew had to put it to the test Wyoming style with some heavy machinery and a whole bunch of mud. True to their action sports heritage, here is a cinematic experience that is one step ahead of the game.


Greg Wheeler, Director of Photography, mounting the Phantom Flex4k to Intuitive Aerial’s Heavy-Lift Aerigon Drone System- Photo @Andy_Bardon



In the world of filmmaking there is no such thing as the perfect tool, there is just the right tool for that particular situation. - Photo @Andy_Bardon


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All photos above by @Andy_Bardon


Thank you to:

Danny Holland

Greg Wheeler

Nel Boshoff

John Rodosky

Melissa Larsen

Justin Smith

Hilary Byrne

Brendan Zipfel

Stephen Scherba


6 Responses to “First Ever Phantom Flex4k Drone Footage”
  • Gary McCready says:

    Nice! That is one big rig!

  • Fintan Corrigan says:

    Terrific filming using the Aerigon drone. Takes a lot of work to get a big camera into the air for any length of time.

  • Mike Klaene says:

    Looks really fantastic on my 27″ iMac 5K.
    I do assume that you did a test flight of the drone with a load equal to that of the camera plus 10%.
    Thanks for posting this.

  • Darren Highfill says:

    I have a 4k TV and a lot of friends that fly drones - very interested in seeing this in ultra high quality. How can I see it in full resolution on my TV?

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