Intern Inside: On Location with Brain Farm Wild

For this Intern Inside we head to the field on a local shoot with Brain Farm. We get many emails asking how to become a cinematographer.

It takes more than wanting to be a cinematographer or wanting to work in film production to get you there. We suggest taking on all opportunities to film or work with film projects to increase your experience, skills and network. When available we put interns on local projects to give them just those opportunities

Here are some intern field notes from a recent shoot.

Phil Hessler: “Waking up at the crack of dawn, I linked up with the Brain Farm Wild crew. We were graced by golden light from the first rays of sun as we made the drive into Grand Teton National Park. The mountains loomed over us in magnificent fashion, backlit by the rising sun as we hauled our massive Intel-A-Jib set up down to the beaver ponds. Our goal was to shoot the Teton mountain range in the morning and beavers in the evening.

We raced against the sun to shoot in the morning light, focused on capturing gorgeous pans of the Tetons. With the Intel-A-Jib, we we’re able to capture slow reveals of the Tetons with the pond water composing the foreground. Our camera of choice was the RED Dragon 4k which was able to do justice to the Tetons. This camera has an incredible dynamic range that shoots more than 9x HD with a resolution from 1 - 1000 frames per second.

Operating the jib was a team effort to get the look we wanted. Someone would operate the Jib, someone would hold the monitor, and someone would stay with the camera to stabilize it or move foliage out of the foreground. Additionally we had a man filming behind the scenes coverage and stills

Going out with the Brain Farm crew made me realize what goes into filming on location with this type of high-level equipment. There is an incredible amount of meticulous attention to detail and patience required to get the shot. It takes an extremely dedicated and passionate team to capture the mind-blowing wildlife shots that Brain Farm is able to produce. Can’t wait to get back out there.”


* All photos taken by Phil Hessler, @therealphilhessler Instagram 

Look forward to the next intern inside !

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