New Series: Intern Inside Brain Farm HQ

We appreciate our interns here at Brain Farm. So much so that we are giving them access to the outside world.  Now you will get to know the inside of Brain Farm HQ through this new intern view  series. Get to know Phil Hessler our Production Management intern and stay tuned for more posts from location.

Who are you and where did you come from?!

My name is Phil Hessler, I grew up in a small suburb outside of Boston where I fell in love with snowboarding and skateboarding. I was lucky enough to start coming to Jackson, WY in 8th grade and officially moved out here for my junior and senior year of high school. I am currently living between Jackson and Salt Lake City and have one more year left of school at Westminster College.


What is your connection to film?

Being a snowboarder and skateboarder, I’ve always been messing around with cameras filming edits with my friends. But my real ascent into the world of filmmaking began with Far From Home.

Far From Home is a 2 year film project that traces the unlikely story of my best friend and brother Brolin Mawejje. Brolin was born in Uganda and is now a pre-med student in Salt Lake City and also an aspiring snowboarder who hopes to become the first African to snowboard in the Winter Olympics come 2018. The film is heavily story driven and explores Brolin’s troubled past and the eclectic community that came into his life to help foster this bright future.  We’ve been around the world and shot over 400 hrs of footage from Uganda to Argentina to tell this story. The film will be available in Winter of 2015! You can learn more at

What is it like interning at Brain Farm?

Getting to see how an elite production company runs first hand is an invaluable experience. There is so much more to making a movie than just shooting and editing. Every step of the process has to be executed in a flawless manner to contribute to the strength of the end product. From development through distribution, each stage of the process is just as important as the next. Who is your core audience? How are they going to be able to see your film? Why will they want to see it? These are all questions I’ve been asking myself since I started interning here.  It has also been incredibly valuable to be able to bounce ideas off the Brain Farm team. Being able to ask questions about story development and different technical problems that arise in post has been extremely helpful to our process. Their mentorship has been a blessing. I also love the opportunities to work on smaller video project with quick turn arounds such as the Aysmbol Gallery opening piece we just did.


Why did you want to intern for at Brain Farm?

I was lucky enough to meet Chad Jackson, the head of production at Brain Farm about 2 years ago. He met with us early on in the project and provided his thoughts on Far From Home. We reached out to him whenever we hit a road block in production and he continuously gave us insight and mentorship through the process. When the internship opened up at Brain Farm, I thought it would be the perfect place to be to get first hand experience at a world class production company and learn from the incredible team here while at the same time finishing our film . From my perspective, Brain Farm essentially created their own pipeline and market for TITA and AOF that didn’t exist for traditional snowboard movies before. What better place to be when finishing Far From Home than Brain Farm.

What do you see as the future for Brain Farm?

Brain Farm has so many different projects in development right now and so many new frontiers they are expanding into; their future is truly limitless. Brain Farm will only continue to push the boundaries of film making. I believe that their future involves combining extremely cinematic elements and action with powerful story lines and themes that bring their films to wider and wider audiences. They are combining narrative, documentary, and action sports in a way that has never been done. My hope is that we see Brain Farm movies in theaters across the country just as you would see any major motion picture.


If you are interested in applying for an internship with Brain Farm, please email

* Photography provided by Phil Hessler @therealphilhessler

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