Brain Farm’s Emmy award winning production arm has built a reputation for creating visionary film, TV, commercial and digital content. Our roots are deep in action and adventure sports yet our directors and production teams work across a multitude of other genres. Our perch on the bleeding edge of technology allows us to film with a wide variety of specialty camera systems as well as with today’s 4K and Ultra HD equipment. We can also tackle your postproduction needs with a full spectrum of services from editorial to color correction to 4K conform; we’re able to work with you from concept to delivery. Our mission is to turn your wildest visions into eye-popping reality.

Aerial Cinematography

Brain Farm’s stabilized camera systems and unmanned aerial solutions have helped pioneer what is possible in the world of aerial cinematography for film, commercial and television projects all throughout the planet. We provide aerial services from full sized helicopters with stabilized gimbals on down to the latest in unmanned systems.

Available Systems : SHOTOVER F1 (Red Dragon 6K) :: CINEFLEX ELITE (Alexa M) :: CINEFLEX HD V14 (Sony 1500)


Brain Farm provides the best in unmanned cinematography to get you mind-blowing images where a full size helicopter can not go. Our team is one of the few in the U.S. that is fully FAA compliant with the best safety record in the business. Our heavy lift systems can carry a variety of cameras from RED to Phantom to DSLR in order to capture any format you need.

Email aerial@brainfarmcinema.com for more information

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Stock Footage Library

Brain Farm has a broad cache of quality content captured from around the world. We have curated collections of aerials, high-speed cinematography and wild life content for use in any area of programming. See below for a sample of our stock footage available for license through NIMIA.

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