Sea Ray Northern Escape

In the ultimate celebration of gorgeous mountain lakes, brisk weather and full-throttle thrills, Sea Ray partnered with media firm Brain Farm to capture an epic new video.

Sea Ray caught up with Brain Farm Founder/Director Curt Morgan and his team in Wyoming for the multi-day shoot. “We had the pleasure of doing some exploring on a Sundancer 310,” Curt says. “Wyoming was gorgeous. Nature at its best.”

Brain Farm uses cutting-edge filmmaking technology to create videos that are incredibly high-definition and fully immersive. To capture the sweeping aerials on a lake that prohibited the use of a drone, Curt’s team employed a high-end, gyro-stabilized gimbal on a chase boat, resulting in remarkably stable images caught at high speeds. To shoot the video in high-resolution and slow-motion, the crew used a combination of MoVi and Phantom Flex 4K cameras to capture 1,000 frames per second.

For Curt, the Sundancer was a natural fit. “For me, I needed a platform to be able to shoot images of these remote places, these lakes, for various projects,” he explains. “My first choice was Sea Ray because it’s the ultimate—it works from an adventure perspective but is also super high-end. Even with our monitors and all our equipment, there was enough room on the 310 to fit our whole crew and get work done on it. It’s an amazing platform to shoot from.”

And what about that unique paint job? “My buddy Jason Nonemaker from 10 Designs Inc. created the hull wrap for it. There’s just something fun about having a camo boat out in Wyoming,” Curt says. “The Sundancer has changed my perspective of how you can shoot on the lake. It’s an unexpected tool that we’re grateful to have added to our arsenal.”

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Video Credits

Executive Producers: Curt Morgan, Brenda Blair, Chad Jackson

Producer / Director: Vanessa Boshoff

Director of Photography: Greg Wheeler

Camera Operator: Nel Boshoff

Production Coordinator: Kasey Day

Assistant Camera: Stephen Scherba

Production Assistants: Chris Vargo, Dylan Wineland

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