Stock Footage: Brain Farm on Nimia

Stock footage has become definitive across all platforms of filmmaking, from commercials to feature films.  There are a range of benefits that come from having licensable footage as an option. Stock footage can be one of the most flexible and economical tools to give your film a higher production value. Today, Brain Farm offers high quality, licensable footage accessible to all filmmakers through the platform, Nimia.

In many situations, stock footage can provide an alternative to actually shooting a scene. Sometimes outlying circumstances may not always allow us that process.  Deadlines and budgets are a couple of the complications that can arise. Whether it’s an establishing shot of an epic landscape or something as specific as a slow motion chicken toss, you can usually find what you are looking for.

Remember that scene in Forest Gump when Tom Hanks addresses the crowd at the peace rally in Washington? You guessed it, stock footage. Some of the most popular films of all time use stock footage. Tom Hanks was super imposed into archival footage to make that scene come to life. This technique has been replicated over and over again. Recently, Wyoming Tourism licensed Brain Farm stock footage for their Winter in Wyoming video, seen above in the feature area.

Lil Wayne and Big Sean also used Brain Farm stock footage for a music video…


Brain Farm has high quality stock footage that we want to offer filmmakers. That is why we have partnered with Nimia to offer exclusive access to our licensable footage.  Nimia has emerged as one of the go to platforms for the best available stock footage between contractual and licensed video production for both buyers and sellers. Brain Farm strives to offer a wide selection, from aerial cinematography on the Cineflex and ShotOver, to super slow motion from the Phantom Flex, to 4K Ultra HD footage SHOT ON RED.

You don’t need to own a million dollar kit to be an extraordinary filmmaker. Start creating and find ways to fill in the gaps as you go. Stock footage can provide a viable solution.

If you have any special stock footage requests that you don’t see on our Nimia profile reach out us at

[Feature image by @therealphilhessler]

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