Strong to the Finish

An inspiring, true story of one man’s life-altering 1,500 mile run across Mongolia.

A true test of mind over emotion and matter.

Strong To The Finish will be a feature documentary following the dramatic triumphs and heartbreaks of 40 year old Brian Hunter and his young family as he attempts a heroic test of physical and emotional endurance running across Mongolia, a feat that has never been done before. A character-driven film, Strong to the Finish juxtaposes Brian’s idealistic family life, both at home and as they join him on the expedition, against the harsh reality of life on the streets in Mongolia.  What happens during this ten-week expedition across Mongolia is nothing short of life changing for Brian, his family, the street orphans, and everyone else touched by his inspiring journey.

Why would someone put their body through such a physical challenge ?

Location: Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Imagine waking up huddled next to a handful of other 5 year old orphans, not knowing if you will eat today…

The emotional weight of abandonment and the resulting poverty is more than any child should ever have to bear. But this is the harsh reality for a large number of Mongolian children: 1000‘s of little lives, ravaged by poverty and a country dealing with the social fallout of a deserted generation.

On the other side of the globe…

Brian Hunter lives with his wife and 2 kids of his own in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Upon learning about the masses of homeless children, forgotten by the world, he feels a deep connection to help.

Abandoned by his own father as a young boy and stricken with Polio, Brian’s story shares too many similarities and strikes too deep a chord for him to remain uninvolved.

How could someone half a world away actually make a difference?

The question rattles around in Brian’s mind as he inventories what he can bring to the table. “What can I do to help?”

Then an idea strikes.

“I can run.”

And So A Plan Is Hatched

Brian commits to an audacious goal: A 60 Day Border-to-Border crossing of Mongolia to raise funds and awareness for the impoverished children in country.

That is the equivalent of running 60 marathons in 60 days.

On the first leg the crew work their way towards Ulan Bator, the country’s capital, ending in Choibalsan. Brian’s family is very important to his mission.

Cameraman and Brain Farm’s Director of Photography, Greg Wheeler works with some local children on setting up and filming with a camera.Brain Farm Camera man Greg Wheeler in Mongolia

View of a Mongolian town on the Brain’s trail across the country.

Although running over 1,500 miles took its tole on Brian, he never forgot he was running for the children of Mongolia.

Strong to the Finish - Brian Hunter - orphan

Brian finished running across Mongolia on September 13, 2013

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