The Art of Flight Teaser

Just when you thought the producers of “That’s It, That’s All” couldn’t top themselves comes a new breed of snowboarding entertainment.

“The Art of FLIGHT” follows Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, DCP and Pat Moore as they dream up new global adventures and progress the sport to unimaginable levels.

Brain Farm has gathered an arsenal of the most advanced and progressive filmmaking technology to bring the masses a snowboarding adventure of epic proportions. Filmed on location in Jackson Hole, Alaska, Chile, Aspen, Patagonia, British Columbia and more, FLIGHT brings the viewer along for the perfect blend of adventure/travel drama and high-energy snowboarding action.

Best Core Film - XDance Film Festival 2011 - “The Art of Flight”

78 Responses to “The Art of Flight Teaser”
  • Jason Sherman says:

    Wow. I would take a vow of chastity to intern for you for no pay. I think this movie could be the culmination of all of cinematography, so it’s all downhill from here- the universe is complete. It can stop expanding now and retract back to a state of infinite oneness. Also, I require very little sleep.

  • Steve says:

    never stop making movies guys…. and hold down your zones in jackson like it’s pipleine i respect it……

  • Michael Ambrose says:

    Everyone that is a part of Brain Farm has a life equal to falling back to earth from outer space and surviving. Everything this company does, they do at a million miles per hour. This movie looks even better then That’s It, That’s All!

  • ZAne says:

    Here from Spain…..Iam just waitting for you movie, really nice job. CONGRATULATIONS BRAIN FARM!!!!!

  • garrett blumenthal says:

    dido, these guys are so lucky to have such an awesome crew of guys and resources to work with to make such an awesome film… watching this makes me want to stop digging ditches and move to snow fulltime, gotta feel good getting up everyday doing something you love…. WHERE CAN I BUY THIS??????

  • Paul Brown says:

    The riding looks even better than in TITA, the graphics are solid. Everything looks real good.

  • JRSR says:

    I think i have watched this trailer at least 7 times. I am really looking forward to seeing it. The music in this trailer is AWESOME! Was it mixed in-house? It sounds a lot like old school Vangelis…

  • Chris says:

    What is the name of this song? Is it custom? Its great

  • Stephanie K says:

    There has been a lot of hype about this movie going on in the world of snowboarding and extreme sports. I cannot wait to see it. I can tell that viewers will see a whole new level of snowboarding and cinematography. Looking forward to it! By the way- what is the background music used?

  • sonofgustav says:

    oh shit.
    please let us buy hd digital copies. blu ray is lame

  • Mircea Luncan says:

    I work in the field, and I am also a passionate rider. i must say I am completely astonished at this work. I can only say that you people are inspiring.

  • F says:

    Awesome trailer! May I ask who is the composer of the soundtrack?

  • Cooper Walters says:

    I just creamed my pants

  • garrett blumenthal says:

    damn septembre, oh poop-nuggets

  • Travis Ram says:

    Awe struck. T.A.T.I got me so stoked I went Heli riding in AK. Now I,m hooked on the terrain and give thanks to T Rice, J Jones and friends for the physical, visual and audio creations that led me to such a heaven on Earth. This film looks stunning and I look forward to all their future endeavors with joy. Thanks again Travis Rice! You are an inspiration, keep on charging!

  • Destiny Grose says:

    how do I find out about screening ‘The Art Of Flight’ do you have contact info??

  • paul says:

    What is this song?

  • DaveCarama says:

    So, can I pre-order a copy? I already have a group of people ready to come over for a screening night.

    Also, I want to do a similar type of video with motorsports. I have a background in video production with Discovery Communications (Travel Channel specifically, Planet Green, Discovery Health) and I am pretty linked in with the road racing community (both club racing and pro racing).

    Lets talk!

  • Alex Diaz says:

    I was throughly satisfied with the first film. I recommended everyone to watch it, and I have been waiting for this film to come out. I can’t wait to watch Plant Earth meets snowboarder Travis Rice.

  • Josh Griffey says:

    Second everything Jason said! I’ll take a job too.

  • Kai Epperson says:

    More than epic :D

  • Holden says:

    No jibs. No boxes. No rails. Where do I pre-order?

  • Jamie says:

    Probably the greatest thing thats ever happened to anything.

  • Natalie says:

    The song is a new M83 song. You can’t buy it or download it anywhere. This is sure to have an epic soundtrack. I have been waiting to see the next chapter of the Travis Rice show. Didn’t think anything could be better than That’s it That’s all until now! Please say that there will be a showing in Utah! The Greatest Snow on Earth!

  • Sergiu says:

    awesome! i cant wait !! does any1 know the name of the song ?

  • Nez says:

    For the geeky filmmakers among us… any chance of a run down of what kit you used on this shoot (aside from the cineflex)?

    Cameras? Lenses? Recording format? Post workflow? :-)

    Can’t wait to see the full thing… particularly if I can get to an HD screening of it (and by HD, I do of course mean uncompressed in a cinema, not blu-ray!) hehe

  • Ricardo Locks says:

    Terrific!!! Incredible scenes, really nice post production, the graphics are amazing.
    You changing the level of sports cinematography!
    Anxious to see this movie available.

  • tristan 123 says:

    looks epic. almost like a “thats it thats all 2 “

  • Mike McNall says:

    How do you pre-order a copy of this?!

  • Anonymous says:

    for anyone thats wants to know the music look on their facebook page its by a french band M83

  • David Blane says:

    goosebumps! I need to know the name of the epic song !!!

  • rank_amateur says:

    No-one makes films like Brain Farm, utterly utterly amazing.

  • Nuno Pereira says:

    FU… AMAZING… Great Job Guys

    i´m from Portugal and we want to know when you guys release the Movie ;)

    are you going to make a soundtrack movie?


  • Seb Clawhammer senior says:

    All of my favourite places in the world in one top movie.
    I cannot express how envious I am of everyone taking part in this project. It is totally special!
    Cannot wait until the AUTUMN for the full movie.

  • nickruss says:

    Hi guys, congratulations on an amazing piece of work. Can’t wait to see the final release. Nick

  • J.P. Givens says:

    WOW……….. Need I say more?????

  • Smeagol says:

    O my ****** this is seriously gonna be insane and just cannot wait! Too long to wait. You guys do an amazing job and keep it up!

  • henry jackson says:

    gonna be sick but how about a little less slo mo this year.

  • Chris Scott says:

    You guys f***ing rule. Bottom line. Every other company better be looking at expanding or else they will be out of business soon. There is not a single thing you guys cant push the bar higher on. Keep up all the rad work! I would do anything to be a part of what you guys do.

  • takathunder says:

    I do not want to wait until september to see that

  • Jake M. says:

    WOW!!!!! I will be searching for a screening in my town for days!

  • NACH0 says:


  • lars says:

    wow…..i am crying , that is an amazing movie….

  • TehSnowboarder says:

    Seriously this is the sickest trailer I have ever seen!!!!
    You guys totally rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s it That’s all was totally amazing-
    THIS TOPS THAT x2!!!!!!
    Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brenone says:

    holy shit

  • Witzel says:

    Can’t wait for it to come out!!!! Awesome cinematography!!! PREORDER?????? Drop a line and let me know!!!!!

  • André says:

    hello guys, I’m from Brasil and i would like to know if you used photographic camera to make this movie (Canon) because in the trailer I see a Canon. Thank You and Congratulation.

    • Jackson says:

      We used a 7D a little bit none of the shots in the teaser are from the 7D. We used the Phantom Gold, Varicam 3700, Cineflex, Arri 235 and a few other guns.

  • Tony Sheppard says:

    I’ll wet my pants if we can screen this up here in Alaska. Especially during the AIFF in December. Please let me know how we can make it happen!

  • Paddy says:

    Can’t wait to see the flick boys, was in revy all season for the sick season it was followed the boys on sleds to boulder one day to try and scope some of our hereos doing what they do best, will be another brainfarm epic!!

  • mich says:

    Holy crap, you guys were rocking the phantom?! So jealous I can only dream of when i can work with it :P

  • says:

    I can not wait till this film comes out. Unless it has a terrible soundtrack (which I doubt) it’s going to somehow be better than that’s it that’s all, which right now is the greatest snow board video of all time. check out this september to get your copy of “the art of flight”. We will try to offer a pre order option sson

  • McKeehan says:

    Sick!! Can’t wait! But why there are no freeskiers again..? ;(

  • James Massell says:

    i think i just creamed my pants a little :/

  • Jose Manuel Navarro says:

    Hola Curt, me alegro que nuestro pais Chile les fuera de importancia en la nueva pelicula, en especial Termas de Chillan donde mi grupo de amigos y yo fue participe de los saltos de Travis como tambien los consejos que recibimos, ademas que disfurtaras del buen vino chileno, recuerdas. Mira en nuetro pais Chile Cerro Mirador en Punta Arenas…el unico lugar del mundo donde montas la tabla mirando el aceano pacifico…para la proxima pelicula.
    Te cuento que mi hijo Daniel de cuatro años ya monto su tabla de snowboard esta temporada 2011 y claro que sera el proximo Travis. Solo me queda agregar las felicitaciones por este adelanto y EXITO DE VENTAS…

  • Mike Goveia says:

    HOLYSHIT! like damn… I’m speechless. Curt u and the guys have ur shit on lock! ur work is amazing! i know u get it all the time but if theres any time u need help.. id really like to b there, ill do anything. but really awesome job on the trailers cant wait to see the movie! fuck it ill even do ur laundry :) haha Congrats! seriously.

  • Hot Carl says:

    Totally radical.

  • Hot Carl says:

    This looks to be the most epic extreme movie since Crew Jones took on and defeated Bart Taylor at Hell Track in RAD.

  • Hot Carl says:

    Thats “Cru” Jones… Sorry

  • Jason Aymes (UK) says:

    I want this film… I’ve watched the teaser seven or eight times, keep checking out the filming and edit… call me obsessive.
    Stunning visuals, bewildering experience, enhanced by the sound track.

    This early stage Cinematographer/AD has a lot to learn.

  • Ed says:

    Just watched this twice… congrats guys… cant wait!

  • MP says:

    a complete mark of excellence. awe- inspiring and bar raising. good work guys

  • Dirk says:

    Hey kids, It’s September!! Release the kracken! I NEED NEW EYEBALL FOOD!

  • adamsilcio says:

    will this be released at 12am Sept 8? im so ready for this

  • Sam says:

    This is insane good. How can I buy it / download it?

  • Stella says:

    Where do I find the tracklist to the soundtrack?! It’s so good!!!!

  • Rich says:

    Is it out yet, must see!

  • blair says:

    for people looking for the music or soundtrack,

    A company called Extreme Music did alot of the tracks.

    Find them here

    They do tons of tracks for tv, films, commercials, trailers, etc….
    kick ass beats

  • Wiking says:

    I saw this piece of art yesterday and I was totally blown away. I have a slight interest in extreme sports and enjoy checking out the occasional film however I have never ever seen anything like this. It was breathtaking throughout and some of the aerial photography and slow motion sequences where stunning to the point I could not believe you guys pulled it off.

    My hat is off to the crew behind this piece and I hope to see more cool stuff from you in the future.

  • Maxx says:

    I just read the article in Outside, I can’t wait to see the film in it’s entirety. Great Trailer!!!

  • SnowboardLT says:

    Check out the NY Red Carpet for The Art of Flight, with athlete and Curt Morgan interviews!

  • Zyz says:

    I’m watching this every day and wish to be part of your team :)

  • Kirill says:

    Wow, so so so f… awesome
    respect creative team we all so need to work in

  • Joey Holliday says:

    Is this film ever going to be released on 3D-BluRay. That would make my year/decade. Somebody make it happen please!!!!

  • Aerial Photography Company Houston says:

    Great video! I’ll have to check out the movie!

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