Virtual Reality Moto Experience For Samsung GearVR

Brain Farm is thrilled to announce the creation of a new virtual reality (VR) series developed for Samsung Gear VR. “Virtual Joyride” gives viewers a fully immersive 360-degree video experience, allowing them to ride alongside nine-time X Games motocross gold medalist Ronnie Renner and professional snowboarder Mark Landvik through some of the most incredible sand dunes on earth.

This behind-the-scenes video gives viewers a glimpse into the world of creating virtual reality. With 360 GoPro camera rigs mounted to drones, RZRs, and freestyle motocross bikes - Brain Farm was able to capture 360-degree video like never before. So download Samsung Milk VR from the Oculus store, strap on your Gear VR headset, and get ready to go on the joyride of your life.

A big thanks to Samsung, Ronnie Renner, Borgore, Radiant Images, GoPro, Polaris RZR, Boondocker, Shotover, 3DRobotics, Red Digital Cinema, Intuitive Aerial, Colby Crapo, Kurtes Crapo, Keith Carlsen Photography, and St. Anthony Sand Dunes.


Samsung Gear VR:

Brain Farm on Milk VR:

Music by Borgore


Ronnie Renner flying over a 360 VR camera pole mount during the shoot in St. Anthony Sand Dunes.


Ronnie Renner gets ready to be followed by a 360 VR camera rig mounted on a motocross bike.


Getting up close and personal with the Aerigon drone and 360 VR camera rig .


The production crew mounts the Red Dragon camera on top of a Polaris RZR to capture the action.


Dune party with a Toyota Tundra, Polaris RZR, Ronnie Renner, and company.


Taking five to dial in the settings on the Phantom camera and prepare for the next shot.


Pro Snowboarder, Mark Landvik, getting towed in to surf the earth in St. Anthony Sand Dunes.


Mark Landvik laying down a hand drag while getting pulled by Ronnie Renner in a Polaris RZR.


Ronnie may have had the most fun during the shoot. Sporting a 360 VR camera harness rig to capture it all.

Skate session and wrap party at the end of the shoot. Captured with a 360 VR Camera Rig. Why not?


Wrapping up the shoot with an amazing sunset in the St. Anthony Sand Dunes.

Photos by Keith Carlsen

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