BRAIN FARM is a turn-key production house specializing in production of the highest end digital cinema for film, TV, digital and commercial outlets.

Our crew of creative minds and technical specialists is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to "get the shot" in the most unique way and deliver to our clients a piece of art. We have assembled an arsenal of specialty cameras, unique cinema vehicles, camera support systems as well as state of the art production facilities allowing us to create powerful digital cinema from concept to finished product. Or, if it is one specific shot or piece of the project a client is looking for, Brain Farm can come in and take care of particular needs at any stage of a production.

We were founded on the passion to test the limits of high definition motion picture production and to awe people with amazing images…this continues to be our manifesto.




" What a great experience Dolby had working with Brain Farm. Their passion for quality images and amazing sound really is incredible. They are very dedicated to both the creative process and pushing the limits with new technology. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next!"

 - Angus McGilpin, Creative Director  Dolby Laboratories

"Brain Farm continues to raise the bar! The imagery that they capture for Quiksilver is always stunning beyond belief and their post-production work never ceases to amaze us."
  - Jamie Tierney, Producer/Marketing Executive Quiksilver

"Hey guys, just want to let you know that the footage you shot for us is unreal!  The steady motion shots from the Cineflex really bring the clips to life and the Phantom shots are simply beyond words.  I can’t wait to release our project so the rest of the world can see what I’m watching in post production. Can’t wait to work with Brain Farm again."
- Jeremy Rawle, Executive Producer Godfrey Entertainment (MTV Nitro Circus)


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