“WILD Yellowstone” Frozen Frontier

“Wild Yellowstone: Frozen Frontier” aired Sunday, 12/6/15 on Nat Geo Wild. After two years, 260 days of shooting and working in conditions as freezing as negative 40°F, our crew took it to the next level in our country’s oldest National Park. Covering the brutal winters and burning summers of Yellowstone, we captured game changing images of America’s most iconic wildlife to tell new stories in our own cinematic style.

The series made waves with awards in the prestigious Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival for Best Editing and Best Cinematography. “Wild Yellowstone: Frozen Frontier” has also been nominated for consideration at the Festival International Nature Namur in Belgium.

“Wild Yellowstone: Frozen Frontier” premiered Saturday 10/3/15, during the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival at the Center for the Arts in Jackson WY.

(Above) Exclusive clip from “Wild Yellowstone: Frozen Frontier.”

Established in 1991, the biennial Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival continues to showcase numerous spectacular wildlife and nature films. Some of this year’s topics include preserving herds of wild horses and the land they inhabit, saving the wild elephant population and abolishing ivory trade, protecting our oceans, exploring the dense wildlife of Africa, learning about our planet’s big cats, and more. See all of the film festival nominations.

Watch the series on iTunes or on the Nat Geo Wild site via your cable provider. You can also check out the Nat Geo TV App which is compatible with Apple TV, Roku, and more.

(Above) Frame grab of a wolf from “Wild Yellowstone: Frozen Frontier.”

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