2015/16 Winter Gear Essentials

Every winter the Brain Farm production crew spends more time in the snow and cold then most inuit. Whether they’re filming all-day in negative temperatures to get the shot or exploring new zones deep in the backcountry on snowmobile or foot, they need the right gear to get the job done.

Scroll down to see the production crew’s top picks for this winter season.

DC Shoes / Travis Rice Snow-Repellent Boots & Snowboard Boots

Lib Tech / Travis Rice Snowboard Collection

Karakoram / Splitboard Bindings

Union / T.Rice Snowboard Bindings

Polaris / 800 PRO-RMK Snowmobile

F-Stop Gear / Camera Pack

3DR / Solo - The Smart Drone

Quiksilver / Travis Rice Snow Jacket & Pants
Bluebird Wax

Airhole / Face Masks

Verts / The Ultimate Snow Climbing Tool

Jackson Hole 2015-2016 Season Pass

Asymbol X Union Bindings - Pillow Dreams

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